ahmad fauzi maulana

My name is Ahmad Fauzi Maulana. I'm a content writer and social media officer. I live and work in Bandung, Indonesia. I've made a writing for written and digital media press. Whilst studying in college, I took an internship in Salman Media for a year. I work as journalist there. Still during at university, I took internship in Alhikmah Tabloid for three month. Not so long since I graduated, I took a short course in Tribun Jabar Newspaper, one of the biggest gazette in West Java. Then, In late eight month, I work as a content writer for online press named suratkabar.id, a group of PT. Hivemind Digital Media.

Beside of that, I have a personal channel to express my joy. It could be seen in ahmadfauzimaulana.wordpress.com, padazamandahulukala.wordpress.com, and lacilemari.tumblr.com.